Terms & Conditions

     I.          Recitals

1.      These Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred as "TCs") of Helping people finance s.r.o., a limited liability company, ID no. 09734864, with its registered office at Korunní 2569/108, Vinohrady, Praha 10, postal code 110 00, Czech republic, incorporated in the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague under Section C, Insert No. 341440 (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider") govern the mutual rights and obligations laid down between the Provider and a customers intended to engage to MERCURIO project (hereinafter referred to as the "Client"), arising in connection with the MERCURIO project membership.

2.      These TCs have been supplemented by Personal Data Protection Principles and Cookie Policy.

3.      Use of third-party websites, applications and other software (i.e. payment gate, Telegram app etc.), could be governed by actual license agreement and/or terms and conditions of appropriate third party.

4.      MERCURIO is an online education & mastermind platform focused on cryptocurrencies, crypto asset, trading, etc. By subscripting membership in MERCURIO VIP Club, Client gains direct access to the structured series of manuals, strategies, case studies related to crypto-trading, access to community mastermind group and opportunity to spectate real time trading operations. However, Mercurio is not a real person. His story is only fiction. Presented trading strategies are always only a personal opinion of its’ authors and provide no guaranteed information.

  II.          Risks and disclaimers


Most countries in the world have not regulated crypto markets yet, therefore you may be not protected against insolvency or bankruptcy of the individual crypto exchanges. Legal entities operating cryptocurrency exchanges mostly have not the Bank status, may be not compulsory ensured or secured etc. Financial health of these entities may be very poor and using them could be extremely risky.


Most countries in the world have not regulated crypto markets yet, others may have various regulation. Due the experimental character of the cryptocurrencies, the attitude of various countries may (and probably will) change within the time. Also possessing, trading and dealing with cryptocurrency could be legally restricted or limited in your country. Before you start to trade, consult possible risks and restriction with your local legal and tax counselor. During your trading and holding crypto assets, watch your local legislature and be prepared to changes in regulation.


Cryptocurrencies are EXTREMLY volatile instruments. The value of crypto asset and income received from it can go down as well as up very fast and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Performance may also be affected by currency fluctuations. Cryptocurrencies have historically been subject to significant price movements that may occur suddenly due to market, or individual cryptocurrency specific factors. As a result, the performance of the cryptocurrencies can fluctuate significantly over relatively short time periods. Tens percent change of its value per single day occurs time-to time. It is also not excluded individual cryptocurrency lost all its value during one day.


In the Czech Republic, crypto-, neither other virtual-currencies are not considered as electronic money neither other financial asset in meaning § 2/1/c of act no. 370/2017 Coll. (The Payment System Act). Neither they are considered as invest instruments in meaning § 3 of act no. 256/2004 Coll. (The Capital Market Business Act). Therefore, any and all information published on MERCURIO platform, as well as other information posted by Provider in any form, shall not be considered as “invest service” in meaning of The Capital Market Business Act. Providing services regarding cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any govern authority.

III.          Membership agreement

1.     The Provider runs MERCURIO project on websites,, All information published on public section of these websites are provided as free.

2.      Client shall get registred as a member of MERCURIO VIP club at the website using the e-mail address of the Client’s choice and shall choose a password (hereinafter referred to as "Login"). Then the Client shall be asked for their credit card data to pay subscription fees. Actual amount of the fees are listed in the Price list here - After credit card data are provided, the payment of the Initial fee shall be proceeded. When the payment of Initial fee is completed, the registration is done .

3.      Once the registration is done, the Membership agreement is concluded between the Provider and the Client. Client hereby gains time-limited (see “period” column in the Price list - access to MERCURIO VIP club.

4.      Upon the registration, a user account is created for the Client and the Client thereby gains access to all MERCURIO VIP club content. Further information regarding club communication channels shall be sending to the Client via registered e-mail.

5.      3-5 business days before the subscripted period expire, system will auto-charge Monthly fee from your credit card and your subscription shall prolonged. If the charge fails, system will notify you and try re-charge twice within next 3 business day. If the Monthly fee won’t be charged, the membership in the MERCURIO VIP club ends after the subscripted period expires.

6.      Client is entitled to cease their membership by e-mail notice/filling the unsubscribe form in their user account[MN8]  at the latest 10 business days before actual period expires. Otherwise, the Provider may not unsubscribe you before next fee is charged from your credit card.

IV.          Consumer notes

1.      Mercurio is a fictive person and his story is only fiction. Presented trading strategies is only an opinion of its’ authors and provide no guaranteed information.

2.      In accordance with § 1820 of act. no. 89/2012 Coll. (Czech civil code), there are summary of significant information for Clients with “consumer” status:

                           i.          whereas the Membership agreement is a contract with repeatedly provided service, consumer is bound by this contract for 1 month with automatic extensions for another month until ceased by consumer

                         ii.          whereas it is digital content delivered under Membership agreement, consumers are not entitled to withdraw the contract within 14 days, although this right is common to other remotely provided services (§ 1837/l of act. no. 89/2012 Coll. (Czech civil code)

in case any dispute between the Provider and the Client with “consumer” status, the Client is entitled to use ADR proceedings before the Czech Trade Inspection Authority seated at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, (

  V.          Final provisions

1.      The Provider may time-to-time modify or amend the wording of these TCs, especially when the legal regulation or the range of services changes. The Provider shall notify the Client of any such change in an appropriate manner (the notification sent to the registered e-mail shall suffice) no less than 30 days in advance. The amendment shall be effective in relation to the Client as of the date specified in such notification. Unless the Client agrees to such amendment of the TCs, the Client is entitled to terminate the Registration by notice as of the effective date of such an amendment. The Client shall deliver the notice no later than one day before the effective date of the amendment.

2.      This TCs are governed by Czech law. In case of dispute arising in relation to this TCs, the parties agree that the applicable law is Czech law and the dispute shall be decided by competent Czech courts.

3.      If any provision of this TCs becomes void or invalid, only this provision is void or invalid – the rest of the TCs stays in effect. An alternative provision whose meaning, and outcome best corresponds to the original purpose and meaning, shall replace this void or invalid provision. If the provision is void or invalid for specific group of clients only, this provision remains effective for the other groups of clients.

4.      These TCs supersede all previous terms and conditions and are effective as of 1st January 2021.